Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Musungu's Music

12 hours on the road to reach the Northern Province meant a great deal of gospel and country music (yes Dolly and Kenny Rogers both accompanied me on this last trip) …the two favorite genres of the national coordinator (Rabecca), who I travel with. However, halfway through the journey we stopped at a fuel station where several young men were selling dubbed cds and Rabecca bought five new ones to add to our collection. Since Rabecca is the epitome of church-going grandmother, you can imagine my surprise when the first song to play on her new cd was “Sexual Healing”. I teased her for the next couple of days, but somehow the joke evolved, so that each time the song played, everyone would comment that it was my favorite song, which was a bit embarrassing as new people were introduced to the vehicle. It also became customary for everyone to look at me as I sang the lines, “Wake up, wake up, wake up….let’s make love tonight” invoking my best Marvin Gaye impression. Yet another significant contribution I have made in my attempts at a cross-cultural exchange.

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