Monday, July 13, 2009

Musungu Sings

I somehow tend to end up in karaoke bars in foreign countries…and Zambia did not let down. Saturday night a crew of us went to one of the 'nicer' spots in town for drinks and to my surprise - karaoke. The restaurant looked as if I clown was in charge of the decorating, and the accompanying music was just a synthesizer playing the famous tunes we would eventually sing. Nonetheless, it was an incredible night. The group desperately wanted me to sing ‘Born in the USA’, but I refused. Another option was a duet. My friend Alex and I find it far too entertaining to refer to each other as musungu (white) and mufita (black), so we thought it would also be very fitting if we sang Ebony and Ivory, but neither of us actually knew the song, so it was a failed attempt. I debated 'Sexual Healing', but finally settled on ‘I Will Survive’, followed by ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’, which the crowd really liked. (Becky – I did my best to impersonate you impersonating Cher).

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