Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Headlamps have arrived in Zambia!

To all the incredible people supporting HLH-Zambia,

I apologize for the delay in updating all of you on the project. However, many interesting developments have taken place since I first asked for your support on this endeavor. First of all, through your efforts and connections I raised nearly $3,000, far exceeding my initial hopes when I sent out the email. Second, the founder of One Degree Solar came across my blog (and plea) and became very interested in supporting the headlamp mission. Turns out I had also pirated his idea, since he had already developed and patented a real 'Headlamp for Health' after working for several years in Liberia. (I knew I should have gone with 'Headlamps for Hemorrhaging'....) Fortunately, he was very excited about the project and more than willing to help. With his engineering background, he developed a headlamp that was more effective for medical purposes and piloted the solar headlamp in rural health care centers in Liberia. He is currently working with several ministries of health in Africa, bringing solar headlamps and panels to many rural health centers. And now Zambia has been added to the list! I tried out the headlamp for a week, asking all friends to come to me with the medical needs in the middle of the night....and after many band-aid applications, I decided it was the best headlamp for the job :) And because of your efforts and generous contributions, I have sent 46 Solar Headlamp for Health kits to rural health centers in Zambia, plus a number of additional solar headlamps that were donated over the past few months from many of you! Here is a link to the news update on the One Degree Solar website: http://www.onedegreesolar.com/blogs/news

Many thanks from both me and all the Zambians whose lives you have (and will) touched through your generosity.

Have a wonderful summer and think of all the women delivering by the light of headlamp when you take your own headlamp on camping trips in the next few months.

All the best,

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