Thursday, May 28, 2009

As if I don't already attract enough attention...

The energy was intense in Lusaka yesterday as soccer….I mean football…fans from across Zambia prepared for the Barcelona v. Manchester U. game.  I caught the fever and joined a couple of Dutch guys I met earlier in a bar to watch the game.  As they sat with their Heinekens, I gave them a hard time for drinking THEIR local beer and not THE local beer.  Finally, they were sick of hearing of my comments and for the next round, Reuben said they would drink Mosi (my fav local beer), if I would drink a Heineken.  Naturally, I agreed – they were buying J

Like a scene in a movie, after about five sips of my beer, a team of Heineken promoters (I still can’t believe they exist in Zambia) marched into the bar, looking for people drinking Heineken.  Of course, I am the ONLY person drinking it – suddenly a Heineken shirt is thrown over my head and I am given sunglasses with green-tinted lens, as well as a champagne size bottle of Heineken.  All the while, four people were taking photos and videos, and a crowd was gathering, as confused as I was about what was happening.  And then the poor Dutch guys – looking on in disbelief…

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  1. haha hilarious. Did they give you any wooden shoes?