Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I quickly learned the universal game of chase was a favorite among Zambian children.  During breaks, I spent hours chasing children.  They would also find me during the training sessions and in a charades-like fashion act out running to signal they wanted to play. The group would usually start out small – maybe 4 or 5 – but by then end I would be chasing between 20 and 25 children, ranging from 2 to 13 years old.  At the end of our play sessions, I always called for a group hug and all twenty-five of us run toward each other and crash in the center. When I would return to training they would wait outside the door, poking their little heads through the cracks, running in place, and I would have to shoo them away until the next break.

One day they came with a piece of chalk and said, “Teach”.  Teaching is not one of my strengths – let alone teaching when I had no idea what to teach.  I started out with the alphabet and then went through numbers – working on English pronunciation.  Again the number of students began to multiply at incredible rates.  I went from a class of ten 5 and unders to 50 students ranging from 2-13 year olds, with a group of even older kids peaking through the windows.  I drew pictures of everything I could imagine and wrote the English name on the board until I eventually ran out of chalk….phew. 



  1. Thanks for the pics it was good to see your smiling face. Kids are all the same in the world just looking for someone to love them, and there you are!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what you are doing is absolutely amazing. i am so proud of you!! i wish i was walking in your shoes right now!!

  3. long live the buffalo accent.