Friday, May 15, 2009

Feet on African Soil

After six movies, a manic Structural Inequalities paper writing stint in London and two full days in transit, I arrived in Lusaka – excited, exhausted and not knowing north from south (oh wait – I never know that—the plight of the directionally challenged).

Rabecca – my MOHZ contact – picked me up at the airport and dropped me off at the house of Ms. Constance Daka – my self-appointed mother while in Zambia. She showed me to my room and I proceeded to sleep the afternoon away, only to wake up for dinner and a staring contest with her grandson – then back to sleep for another 10 hours. I feel adjusted, but as I sit here typing on my laptop, I am reminded that while my watch says 11am, it is only 2am in CA.

Upon arriving at the Ministry this morning and getting connected to internet – my gmail inbox greeted me with messages from friends in South Africa and Zimbabwe saying “welcome home”. Oddly enough -- I did feel of sense of homecoming as soon as I landed in Jo'Burg. Having been away from the continent for almost three years now, I thought my sentiment would change. Although, when asked if I have spent time in Africa before and I mention living in South Africa, I am told it is not Africa, except for in name. Apparently Zambia is the “real Africa”, so stay tuned; I haven’t had to fend off any lions yet…

I leave on Sunday for the first site visit to Kipiri Mposhi – a district several hours outside of Lusaka. Will be there for about a week and will be in touch soon after.

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  1. It's so bizarre that right now you're in such a different world doing such different and amazing things. I'm kinda drunk listening to Mowbray Kaap.